zoozbuh (zoozbuh) wrote,

on the rocks (ENGLISH Lyrics)

on the rocks (Lyrics by Zoozbuh / TL by OccasionalSubs)

At the street corner, suddenly I stop and stare
Up into the sky, wishing I was elsewhere
This old 9 to 5 is getting hard to bear
Office work every day is a nightmare

In this back alley where I've now lost my way
I see a path before me I'm tempted to take
Who ever knew I'd come across such a place
Hidden within daily life, up 'til now so mundane

In this spot, somehow our burning passion and desires
seem to match and come together
As we longingly gaze into each other's eyes, it feels like
There's a cocktail of emotions brewing inside

Now we're drunk off this sweet mood in the air
And falling head over heels without a care
As the ice in our drinks starts to all melt away,
Our inhibitions and rules seem to do the same

Now I wonder, am I the woman of your dreams?
In your destiny, which number will I be?
You tell me I'm one in a million
Maybe it's a line you use on everyone

Guess today once again I will be controlled
By that mystical power which seems to take hold
It's enough to dissolve my cynical beliefs
And my cold outlook on love gets the heat that it needs

When I notice your face turning redder over time
It makes my chest want to overflow
Then you sigh so gently, I can't help but feel led far astray
Now I'm so far gone that I just can't stay away

So tonight, let's loosen up and unwind
Reveal our naked selves to each other's eyes
The world seen beyond the glass gets a lot more risque
Suddenly, daring words are easier to say

On the rocks!
You gesture excitedly and say,
"The night's still young, so what's it to be?"
Then after taking my time and staring in your eyes a while,
I tell you "I like it strong"

In this room, somehow our burning passion and desires
seem to match and come together
Now I want to forget time exists and just indulge with you
We mix together like a cocktail, perfectly

On the rocks!
Tear this tight dress off of me
So that I'm naked, just how I want to be
Today a single won't do, so a double instead
I want to scorch my throat, feel it rush to my head

On the rocks!
Moved by the passionate mood,
The heartbeat of our love goes up through the roof
On this exhilarating, fiery hot night of love we share,
We know we both like it strong.

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