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Snowman (English Lyrics) + COVER

"I want to be with you"
Someone wishes deeply and I feel it bringing me to life
On this day, once in a year, with the magic of winter time
I turn into a real, moving snowman

One fateful night, as snow did fall, I was born into this world
Made with a broom for my right arm, and a bucket on my head
Then a young boy approached. I wondered what he was doing here
He said, "I lied to my mom today," and then burst into tears

"I am as pure white as the snow you made me from
Let's use that to remove the darkness in your heart
I'll stay right here with you"

His lies kept on snowballing and growing even bigger, still
They got far too hard to break with mere punches and kicks
A ringing bell, a freezing scarf were, one by one, draped around me
All that I could do was smile and hope for all his tears to dry
There's nothing I could do with my fake eyes

So I wondered what this lie was, and the cause of all this mess
"I'm good at sports, have lots of friends and my grades are the best"
"Well, you have this winter," I said, "to make all your lies turn real!"
But the boy said, "It's too late for that," and crouched down in defeat

"If I'm not a good boy," he cried, tears in his eyes,
"My mom will disappear soon, so I have to try"
"I want to be with her"

His lies kept on falling and collecting, like the dying leaves
However much they were brushed aside, the pile kept rising
Neon street lights colouring the falling snow, once black and white
All that I could do was try to warm your cold fingers, in vain
I only have my two fake hands to blame

Now I'll tell you what to do
The darkness in your heart. Try turning it into pure white, like the snow.
If I show you how to start, will that help? I know you can do it on your own as well
So let the snow fall on our awakening today

Then the boy ran far and wide to find his classmates, just in time
He had to do something soon, before it was too late
"See, Mom, I told you I'm just fine! I beg you please, don't leave my side"
She grasped him right to her chest and nodded with a smile
"I'll always be with you"

That last lie was white, like snow. She couldn't let the poor boy know
Now's the time for us to cry, or laugh to ease the sorrow
I will watch over them both, until I melt and have to go
I know he will overcome the hardships this winter will bring
And then we can move on and welcome spring

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