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Kimi no Taion (ENGLISH Lyrics)

Kimi no Taion (Your Warmth)

English Lyrics - by Zoozbuh/Neibaku

As my eyes met a sight, colourful and shining bright
I got caught in the moment and stopped suddenly
Chasing away after something that was fake
Though it was just an illusion, I still felt my heart ache

The sound of your voice that I had heard so many times before
is now just a distant echo I barely hear anymore
Our hands together, desperate for the heat we're thinking of,
we believed we could tell ourselves that was love

Flowers blossom, and then the moon grows, even when
the whole world is painted over once again
There was warmth that had told me I was in your hold,
but, someday, I'll forget and it will be cold
That's all that it was
I walk, all by myself, through this now-familiar town
Looking for a place where I won't find you around
Fond memories littered all across nostalgic streets,
But I force myself to look elsewhere and retreat

When we spoke of it before, back when our days were still new
We were so sure of our future and what we planned to do
Maybe deep down, we knew it wasn't what it appeared to be
But you took my hand and gently lied to me

Flowers wither, and then the moon wanes, even when
all the seasons pass over us once again
Used to feel you so near, but now you've disappeared
And I fear, that one day it may feel
like you were never here at all

We swore a promise that we'd stay as one for all time
But the eternity we foresaw was a lie
When the winter ends and the spring's blooming
In the summer's dusk, when the autumn's still sleeping
Will there ever come a day when I can say
That I was truly glad to have met you?
No matter what we said, no matter what we said
I thought we'd have a happy future ahead

Mornings bring a new day, lonely nights swept away
Someone new will repaint me in their own way
All the warmth we had shared will be lost to the air
Glad those memories can now be laid to rest
I sadly say goodbye, dear beloved of mine
I know we can't be as one, so you must now leave my life

Tags: anime, diva, hatsune miku, japanese, jpop, miku, project mirai, vocaloid

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