zoozbuh (zoozbuh) wrote,

Lyrics by Zoozbuh

Oh, no no no!
Don't know what came over me just now
You know you're my everything, but I just slipped somehow
Before you bang that gavel down harshly,
Know that without you, I would rather cease to be

Oh, jesus!
Please don't give me that deathly stare
I will change! I'll never stray again, to you I swear
Mercy! Please don't send me straight to the gallows
I beg you, just this once, to let it go

I spent so long, planned the perfect crime
Made sure my alibi was pretty airtight
But still couldn't pull the wool over your eyes
No tricks are gonna help my plight, oh, no no no!

Here comes my love trial, my judgement awaits me
How long is my list of charges going to be?
Closing statement - a teary apology
With powers vested in you, I was declared guilty

Oh, no no no!
This result couldn't be any worse!
Please don't leave, but if you must, then listen to me first
If you're dumping me into this abyss,
Could you at least use your own hands to push me in?

Oh, jesus!
The proof is irrefutable, so I
Can't talk myself out of it, no matter how I try
Oh well, at least this jail I'm locked inside,
Was made by you, so I don't really mind

So thanks to all my inherent flaws,
And this transgression which I stupidly caused
I know you'll leave and won't come back to me
I'll lose the chance to plead my case, and rid myself of this misery
Not quite the perfect crime I'd envisioned at first
It's clear from this sadness shared by both of us
One who loved, and the other was loved in turn
But our love's fate hangs in the balance, until this trial's done

So, now you have declared me guilty,
How long's my list of offences going to be?
This life sentence I'm willing to carry out,
will mean I can be by your side 'til the day I die

This Love Trial has just uncovered
A truth I would otherwise never have heard
After crying those fake tears in front of me,
You suddenly flashed me a smile, oh-so devilishly
You're also guilty!

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